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The media analysts and experts from one of the world’s largest advertising companies serve to help the world’s advertisers & media owners measure their media image and impact. As a house of media expertise from traditional via digital to mobile and social, they have developed the tools, passion and understanding to deliver bespoke responses to their clients’ critical challenges. Among their many services, they provide clients with a richer understanding of consumer behavior offline and online, as well as a deeper understanding of how to target them more effectively. This company, over time, was facing the prospect of rising costs associated with employee retention. They were also looking for a partner who could implement a process customized for their specific needs and at the same time manage to maintain the continuity of their work. Data-Core’s scope of work for this company has gradually increased over the years as we continue to deliver accurate and effective results.

Data-Core began by performing broadcast monitoring services, which seeks to identify suspected new commercials being broadcast on Television. A proprietary system routes approximately 20,000 segments of suspected new advertisements every day to a Manual Segmentation queue for identification. The Manual Classification function, performed by our employees, progresses through the following steps: Segmentation, Mapping, Primary Classification, Coding, Quality Assurance, and Creative Attributing.

Over the years, Data-Core took over more and more of the outsource-able functions for this Client. Today, Data-Core performs services for Internet-based media, Newspaper, Magazine, and Radio in a multiplicity of languages. Services include determination of new or repeat advertisements, Classification and Creative Attribution. Data-Core performs Segmentation, Mapping, Primary Classification, and Coding and Categorizing of new advertisements by Industry Groups or by other, client-determined classes. The final leg of the journey is Creative Services, where Data-Core staff is presented with advertisements from digital images and internet advertisements. Our employees then select the proper media and categories, write advertisement taglines, describe the advertisement with descriptors and contact information, and create an advertisement slogan.

Data-Core has established a strong ongoing working relationship with the Client by consistently delivering accurate results on time. As a result, the Client is able to focus on their Core Business functions while achieving significant cost savings and substantial growth without the corresponding increase in manpower usually required for such expansion.

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